Quantum Innovation Community Members Package

The Quantum Innovation team brings to its members a unique set of skills, tools and access to extensive networks and partners to assist clients with their innovation requirements and to address specific challenges to bridge the gap between technology push innovation and market led innovation:

  • Identifying customer needs
  • Gaining awareness and access to technologies unknown to them but which could solve their problems
  • Achieving effective technology insertion
  • Anticipating threats and opportunities
  • Assistance with processes for addressing new markets
  • Completing profitable licencing deals
  • Ensuring successful product delivery
  • Assistance with the financials, sales forecasts and cashflow statements which need to be addressed and configured to reflect a situation where potential investors will invest.

We are able to balance Business Enterprise needs with those of the Market in order to realise successful technology innovation through the approach set out below:

Technology Assessment

  • Compliance with Laws of Physics, Society
  • Capability and Know How
  • Provider IP

Technology Application

  • Market needs analysis
  • Cross market leveraging

Product Robustness

  • Market Cycle
  • Competition
  • Design for robustness techniques

We offer three categories of membership summarised below with the featured benefits for each.

All membership categories will have access to and use of facilities at Quantum House in Central London.

  • Free Use Of broadband Wi-Fi
  • Free Use of self catering and coffee making facility
  • Discounted hire for Faraday Suit of Meeting Rooms
  • Hot Desk Use- subject to availability
  • Discounted rates for managed office facilities- mail boxes and telephone answering service
  • Priority registration at QIC Networking events These are events where we can either have a sponsor to cover costs or charge a small fee for each attendee (unless they are members) to attend an event with a guest VIP speaker who is an expert in a relevant field. The speaker or speakers may be opinion formers from the public or private sectors.

1. Investor Members. Fee £1200 pa

We offer angel and institutional investors:

  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) opportunities through our associated Red Lion Investments vehicle.
  • Access to investment opportunities offered through the members’ portal on our web site.
  • Discounted rates for facilitated meetings with presenters of investment opportunities
  • Bespoke talent spotting for M&A investment opportunities
  • QIC offer to host events for one or more investors looking for technology solutions against their functional requirements. We would work with the client(s) to assist in their articulation of the needs so as to facilitate our targeting of an appropriate audience of potential providers
  • Leveraging of client members existing portfolios – introducing their start-up investments into innovation hungry markets
  • De-risking members early stage investments by building value chains and/or consortia of additional investors.

2. Corporate Members. Fee £9,000 pa

We offer a comprehensive Technology and Open Innovation Advisory Service which includes:

  • A half day free consultation on the QIC Innovation Framework programme
    Access to novel technology opportunities offered through the members’ portal on our web site.
  • A discounted rate for our unique innovation framework consultancy package which assesses the client company’s innovation strategy, benchmarks their innovation capability and delivers an action plan for continuous improvement.
  • Costed (negotiable) projects to assist with the innovation of members’ in-house (non-core) technologies and re-purposing of their technologies into adjacent market sectors to create new revenue streams.
  • QIC will organize to agreed budgets, bespoke events for one or more technology businesses to present their offerings based on a selected technology theme by the sponsoring member.
  • Tailored projects to establish value adding links to individuals and organisations that might not otherwise occur because of market or geographical separation and creating new innovation opportunities through our networks to new suppliers and partners.
  • Technology horizon scanning and leveraging innovation and new technologies from the SME community.
  • De-risk and accelerate members’ corporate development through discounted support provided by QIC to assist with the development of “Open Innovation practices and processes.
  • Use of the members portal and QIC web site to promote spin-out technologies to investors and other third parties.

3. Start –Up Businesses Members. Fee £1500 pa

We offer small businesses which are pre-revenue or seeking growth through investment and/or access to new markets.

  • The opportunity to promote their business offering to an audience of investors (including our in house investment vehicle (Red Lion Investments) and corporates through the members’ portal and on our web site.
  • On a fixed fee/commission basis (negotiable) provide a comprehensive and independent assessment of the client’s technology, its fitness for production and validation of the financials for investment readiness and support of their business plans
  • Advice and guidance on business strategising their intellectual property.
    Advice and guidance on the suitability and practical use of special purpose vehicles (SPV) for taking their offering(s) with partners to market
  • Advice and guidance on routes and access to investment finance
  • Market information and practical advice and assistance on routes to markets – On a fixed fee/commission basis (negotiable) we would build links to individuals and organisations in our networks
  • Introduce start-ups into innovation hungry markets
  • QIC organize events for one or more technology businesses to present their offering based on a technology theme targeted at an audience of investors or corporates with an expressed interest in that theme.