Embracing and Delivering Innovation

Presentation by Danny Burke

The need for organisations to be innovative currently features in discussion and communication across both the private and public sectors. In the regulated public sector significant financial incentives are linked to delivering innovative solutions. In the private sector companies are applauded when they seek out new technologies and innovative solutions.


Although much is said about open innovation it is difficult to view the disparate elements as a coherent whole. This leads to the fundamental question for organisations.


How do we Embrace and Deliver Innovation?

Typically in organisations we see the approach to Open Innovation as:-

  • Non existent or poorly defined Innovation Strategy
  • Processes that actively discourage innovation
  • No review of innovation activity
  • Belief that it is the responsibility of R&D or Innovation Manager
  • Major disconnect between what senior leaders believe is happening and reality
  • No involvement of customers and other partners in innovation activity


In the more enlightened organisations we see key characteristics of success as being:-

  • A deployed Open Innovation Strategy
  • A common understanding across the organisation of what innovation means
  • Leaders actively encouraging and supporting innovation
  • A constant drive to innovate and to look for new ways of doing things
  • An environment where everyone understands they have a role to play
  • Improving the infrastructure of the organisation e.g. processes, customer engagement, partnerships


In pulling together a coherent innovation strategy there are some questions that organisations need to address:-

  • How do we pull together all the many components needed to successfully embrace and deliver innovation?
  • Where do we start?
  • What do we need to do?
  • Where are we now?
  • What needs to be in place?

Quantum has created an innovation framework which enables organisations to systematically assess their capability in relation the building blocks of innovation:-


The Innovation Framework:-

  • Is a questionnaire based assessment tool
  • Provides insight into how an organisation is currently organised to embrace and deliver innovation

The process for carrying out an assessment is:-