About the QIC


I am delighted to be working with the Quantum Innovation Centre. The greatest lesson that any new entrepreneur can learn is that business is a ‘contact sport’. I know that our two Innovation Centres, working together, will add great benefits to each of our networks of Angels, Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs.

Norman Apsley – Northern Ireland Science Park

The Quantum Innovation Centre has at its core a team of scientists and business and financial experts who have operated at senior levels both in private and public sectors supporting:

  • strategy
  • investment
  • marketing
  • financial restructuring
  • development & exploitation
  • business innovation
  • business transformation

We believe that the key challenge to address in delivering innovation and profitable growth is to bring about a permanent cultural change in which the responsibility for leading the innovation agenda lies with the market itself and not with government or academia.


In order for the UK to compete effectively, market-led, open innovation (i.e. multi-sector and multi-disciplinary) must become at least as important over the coming decade as linear innovation driven by technology was in the past.


We in the British Library are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Quantum Innovation Centre. We see the wider application of open innovation principles as being a key factor in future UK economic growth and competitiveness and Quantum offers a highly efficient and robust model through which open innovation relationships can be facilitated based on the knowledge of a highly experienced management team.

Nigel Spencer, British Library

The Quantum Innovation Team is creating a fresh, new forum for both large and small businesses, government and academia in which each can combine their resources in a market-led approach to innovation. Within this community the risk and the tension between ‘technology push’ and ‘market pull’ can be better managed to achieve greater economic benefit.


It will facilitate the better exchange of information, assist with intellectual asset management and technology brokerage and allowing its members to aggregate their existing resources and support programmes for maximum impact.


The Quantum Innovation Centre also addresses the challenges and opportunities of intellectual asset management and technology transfer. We are agents for much needed change in innovative capability.


For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.